About Us

Pictured left to right: Mary Weldon, Stan Jahr, Brian Parker, Gary Hardy, Dale Wallace,
Jim Gorman, Jeff Bauer, Brian Jelinek, Jenny Wallace

Years of Experience






Dale Wallace Licensed Master Plumber 22 Years
  HVAC Specialist (Sales & Install)  
Licensed Journeyman Electrician

Plumbing, Heating & Electric

Jeff Bauer Licensed Master Plumber 29 Years
  Licensed Well Pump Installer
  Hydronic Technician
  HVAC Installer
  UDC-HVAC Inspector
  UDC-Plumbing Inspector  
Stan Jahr Licensed Journeyman Plumber 23 Years
  HVAC Service Technician  
  HVAC Installer  
Brian Parker
Licensed Journeyman Plumber
13 Years
  HVAC Installer  
Brian Jelinek HVAC Installer 13 Years
  HVAC Service  
Jim Gorman Master Electrician
16 Years

Total:   116 Years

Other Co-Workers

Jenny Wallace
Office Manager
Mary Weldon
Billing and Warranty Clerk
Gary Hardy
Shop & Inventory Control